How To Install

  1. Find your location!

The North American Bluebird Society says that bluebirds prefer to nest in open areas with low or sparse ground cover. Place the house away from prevailing winds with the opening pointed towards a tree or shrub no more than 100 feet away so that young birds will have a landing spot when they first head out.

It is best to mount the house on a smooth round pipe about 5 feet above the ground; you can use the included conduit straps or if your pipe has a flat surface on the top you can attach the birdhouse with screws into the bottom board. Attaching a predator guard to the pipe will give the birds added protection.

Set up with the included conduit straps!

Remove one of the included straps and place the birdhouse on the ground.

Step 1

Next action will be bending the metal into the shape of your pole.

Step 2

Bend both sides of the conduit straps around the post like so.

Step 3

Then unbend each side of the strap without changing the curve in the middle which you have just created.

Step 4

After unbending each side the strap should now look like this, bent in the middle around the pole with each side flat.

Step 5

Now you can begin to screw in the strap. Place a screw on one side like so, you can do this one on the ground or if you have a helper you can do it in the air like we did! We are using 3/4″ screws in our demonstration!

Step 6

Now have a helping hand hold the birdhouse up against the pole. Then, rotate the strap around the pole and mount the second screw.

Step 7

The last step is to add in one more screw through the central hole to mount it onto the post itself. NOTE: We are using a birdhouse mounting pipe with a predrilled hole in it! If yours does not have a predrilled hole it’s an easy fix and you will simply need to drill one yourself with the same size as the screws you will be using!

Step 8

Set up with a mounting plate!

You can also purchase a birdhouse mounting plate from a local hardware store or bird supply company. Once acquired, simply slide it over the top and mount it on your pole by screwing it in tightly.

Step 1

Then, grab an assistant to hold the birdhouse up against the mounting plate and begin mounting it with four screws.

Step 2

Once you have finished with all four screws the birdhouse is mounted and ready to go!

Step 3

Ta da! Finished birdhouse!

Step 4